The quick way to take your course when you are alone is to purchase a private course. In group courses you need to wait until we have 3 students to form a group | In the semi-private courses there will be 2 students.

Also for safety reasons we start with only 1 kite in the air and we share the kite among the group members. This makes it take more days and more hours to finish your level 1 and learning (more students = more time to finish.

Keep in mind that we do not know if you have had any experience before and how many people you will be in the course.

This is the example of the duration according to each option:

– Group Course | total duration 6 hours (2 hours per day) | You finish it in 3 days
– Semi Private Course | total duration 4 hours (2 hours per day) | You finish it in 2 days
– Private Course | total duration 2 hours | you finish it in 1 day

kitesurfing programs


LAND CLASS | At this level is the level that prepares you to master the kite and acquire all the knowledge to enter the water safely. We will teach you to prepare the material, to know and evaluate the practice area, and you will learn to fly with perfect control through a series of exercises. These exercises teach you the correct handling of the kite so that later in the next level you can enter the water without problems and with confidence.

· The wind theory and the suitability of the beach.
· How to use the security system.
· Set up and stow the kite
· Know and determine the flight area.
· Control the kite in the wind window.
· Launch and land the kite with help.
· Fly a big kite
· Perfect kite control.
· Control the kite with one hand in both directions.
· Walking with the kite with one hand
· Walking with the kite with one hand and the other hand to control the kite and the board

DURATION OF THE COURSE: The duration of the course depends on the abilities of each student, the average is 2 to 3 hours in private classes.


WATER CLASS | In the second level 2 course, you will enter directly into the water to practice Body Draging, where you will be dragged by the pull of the kite.

Body Dragging consists of several exercises during which you will learn how to move in the water and possible driving directions.

The most important objectives are learning to create power and acceleration with the movement of the kite, moving away from and back to the beach controlling the kite with one hand, learning to retrieve the board and launch the kite from the water.

· Move in the water with the kite.
· Recognize a safe practice area in the water.
· Dragg body
· Launch the kite from the water.
· Control the kite with one hand while the body drags up.
· Go away from the beach and come back using the kite.
· Self-rescue practice.
· (Steady pull ) Put your feet in the straps of the kiteboard while flying the kite with one hand
· (Water start) you will begin to get up on the board and be able to start sailing

DURATION OF THE COURSE: The duration of the course depends on the abilities of each student, the average is 2 to 4 hours in private classes.

We hope that with this information you can have a better perspective of kite surfing courses.
Remember that we are an IKO international kite surfing school at the end of any of the courses you choose we will give you your international kite surfing card marking the level where you have reached this allows you to continue your course in another IKO center or to be able to rent material would ask for this IKO card.